Five Steps to Safer Roads

Military campuses are among the safest places in India. With armed guards and tight security, it may seem like no one is at risk. But what about the people driving and walking on military roads?

Road accidents are a leading cause of death in India, with one death every 4 minutes on India’s roads.

Here are five steps you can take to improve safety and protect the lives of the people on your military base.

  • Be aware of the dangers. Many people don’t realize how dangerous India’s roads can be. Do your research and be aware of the problem so you can tackle it properly.
  • Consider the solutions. What will work well on military roads may be different than what works on residential roads. Explore our solutions and see what you think will best meet the needs of your base.
  • Take military culture into account. Military professionals are used to following orders. They are likely to be very responsive to a simple reminder to slow down with a speed display sign like the compact SafePace 450 or a driver responsive message sign like the SafePace 650.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of the cloud. The SafePace Cloud gives you remote access to all your sign data from anywhere with internet. It even lets you manage and program your signs at the touch of a button. Harness it’s power to improve safety.

Follow up and make sure your solutions are making a difference. Compare before and after data, discuss observations with people on your base, and don’t stop until you are sure speeds are reduced and your roads are protected.

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