On business and industrial campuses, pedestrian traffic is often high as employees and visitors move between buildings and facilities. To ensure safety and prevent accidents, companies usually set their own speed limits, typically between 10 and 25 km/h. In addition, within warehouses themselves, it becomes critical for operators of forklifts and other machinery to drive at slow, safe speeds.



Traffic Logix solutions can help you to protect your employees, whether they’re driving, working, or simply walking to and from facilities. Remind drivers of designated speed limits and alert them to slow down with the brightly lit LEDs on SafePace driver feedback signs. SafePace signs have been installed in hundreds of warehouses, businesses, medical centers, airports, and factories around the world.

The entry level SafePace 100 speed display sign is our most popular option for corporate and industrial settings. With its compact design, power-efficient radar technology, highly visible vehicle display, solar and battery power options, the budget-friendly sign is well equipped to slow cars in and around your facility.

The SafePace 650 variable message sign is another popular option on corporate campuses. With its driver responsive messaging and customized alerts, the compact, portable sign ensures that drivers on your campus slow down and observe speed limits.

SafePace 100

Compact ``Your Speed`` sign

SafePace 475

Driver Feedback Sign

SafePace 600

Variable Message Sign