At corporate campuses, hospitals, universities, and industrial plants, people travel between buildings and facilities by foot and car throughout the day. Lower speed limits are typically in place to keep employees, clients, and patients safe and prevent accidents.

Safety at Work

Within warehouses, factories and large business premises, there are generally strict rules for operators of machinery to drive at slow, safe speed to avoid dangerous workplace accidents. 

Slower speeds are critical at these locations. With the proliferation of pedestrians, vehicles need enough time to stop when a pedestrian unexpectedly appears. A driver traveling at 80 kmph would need 122 feet to stop when encountering a pedestrian whereby one at the safer speed of 35 kmph can come to a stop in just 20 feet. Enforcing lower speeds directly lowers the probability of a crash occurring.

Slowing Cars Down

Traffic Logix solutions can make your workplace safer, protecting all road users and preventing accidents before they happen. Alert drivers to their speeds and warn those who exceed limits with the innovative SafePace line of speed signs. Or choose recycled rubber speed humps or cushions to ensure that drivers obey speed limits. 

Traffic Logix ITS and traffic calming solutions have been installed on hundreds of corporate, medical, university, and industrial roads around the world. Isn’t it time you protected your campus?


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