Campus Road Safety

At Industrial campuses, people travel between buildings and facilities by foot and car constantly throughout the day. Lower speed limits are typically in place to keep employees, clients, and patients safe and prevent accidents.

But do they really work? Studies have shown that implementing a radar speeding sign on roads increases the number of vehicles obeying the speed limit by 50%.

Evolution 12 Red Digit Radar Speed Sign

SafePace Evolution 12

Evolution 12FM

SafePace Evolution 12FM

Evolution 15SD Radar Sign

SafePace Evolution 15

SafePace Evolution 15FM

Installing radar speed signs and cameras allows drivers to be more aware of their speeds and over speeding will become less frequent.

Employees will be more likely to respect posted speed limits and the roads at your plant will become safer for everyone who uses them. Traffic Logix’ traffic calming solutions have been installed on hundreds of corporate, military, university, and industrial roads around the world.

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Traffic Logix solutions slow speeders down and help protect your streets and everyone who uses them so you can prevent crashes and save lives.