Repeated research and a variety of studies all lead to the same conclusion: radar speed signs work. Radar signs are effective in creating real and positive change in driver behavior, even after long periods of time. But don’t just take our word from it- here are excerpts from research and case studies showing time and again the effectiveness of radar speed signs in slowing cars down.

“Radar speed signs have shown a dramatic reduction in the speed of vehicles traveling in excess of the speed limit.”

Stationary Radar Sign Program Report, Bellevue, WA

“They [radar speed signs] have proven to be consistently effective at getting drivers to slow down- reducing speeds by about 10%, an effect that lasts for several miles down the road.”

Harnessing the Power of Feedback Loops, Wired Magazine

Streets where radar signs were installed continued to experience speed reductions months after the signs were installed.”

Texas Transportation Institute, Texas A&M University

“Speed display boards [Radar speed signs] effectively reduce vehicle speed, changing behaviors for the long term.”

Journal of the Transportation Research Board

“In the vicinity of schools where radar speed signs were installed, drivers slowed an average of 14%.”

Case study, Garden Grove, CA

“Reductions of at least 4% for angle crashes…can be expected with the installation of flashing beacons.”

FHWA Study of the Effects of Flashing Beacons

“In West Valley City, UT, the 85th percentile speed was reduced from 37 mph to 31-32 mph after the installation of a radar speed sign.”

Case study, West Valley City, UT

“Up to 70% of speeding drivers slow down at radar signs”

Case study, Marietta, GA