As Road Safety Week launches across India, let’s take a moment and check in on how much you really know about safety on India’s streets.

Question #1

C- 80,000 people lose their lives each year on India’s roads

Question #2

A- Traffic deaths are the number one cause of death for people aged 15-29.

Question #3

C- Around 50% of road fatalities are to vulnerable road users.

Question #4

D- 75% of road crash fatality victims are male.

Question #5

B- Speeding is a key factor in road traffic deaths and injuries.

Surprised at how dangerous simply driving or walking can be? Far too many people lose their lives on India’s roads each year. But we’re here to help you change that, one step at a time.

The most traffic fatalities seem to happen to the most vulnerable- and the most aggressive. Pedestrians and cyclists account for far too many deaths. And young, male drivers are at the greatest risks of losing their lives.

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Saving lives on India’s roads begins with paying more attention to these groups.

At Traffic Logix, we create solutions that slow speeders down and penalize those who continue to speed. And we help you to protect your streets and everyone who uses them so you can prevent crashes and save lives.