Corporate Affairs


Logix ITS India is rapidly establishing itself in the Indian market as a leader and innovator in traffic  technology. Recently, Logix ITS & Samriddhi automation created an agreement to work together to develop radar signs equipped with camera systems designed for global markets. The companies agreed to sign a 2 year MOU. This event took place at a product launch party held by Logix ITS at Hotel Courtyard International, Mumbai on 1st of September, 2016. A group of 50-60 industry leaders gathered to hear about Logix ITS innovations and the new partnership between the two industry experts. The Memorandum of Understanding states that both parties agree to work together to develop and launch integrated radar signs with camera systems and to cooperate in upgrading performance and improvements of this system periodically.

Samriddhi agreed to work on integrating the radar signs with both Sparsh lP Cameras as well as their LPR (ANPR) Cameras so as to have a robust solution to address customer requirements.

This system is a cost effective solution for local enforcement for speed violations for any Industrial, commercial or residential campuses. Focusing on the solutions, the radar speed sign collects traffic data of passing cars. If a driver is speeding the sign flashes the car speed, making the driver aware that they are exceeding the speed limit. The camera when installed with radar sign will capture cars picture, when cars exceeds the speed limit. Simultaneously a report will be generated via software mentioning Date, Time, Speed of vehicle and Vehicle number. This is an added feature & cost effective technology for local enforcement, which will help to stop motorists from speeding and return safety to local roads.