Logix ITS India is rapidly establishing itself in the Indian market as a leader and innovator in traffic and parking technology. At the recent India International Security Expo at the Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, the company demonstrated the need for its high tech products including radar signs and speed cameras in the Indian market as well as the company’s mission to make roads around the world safer.

One of the products highlighted at the event was the newly launched ground-breaking speed cameras, which is a speed enforcement solution that combines the pinpoint accuracy of infrared photo-radar with the effectiveness of on-site traffic enforcement to stop motorists from speeding and return safety to local roads.

The Logix ITS booth was visited by the Ministers of Home Affairs, Mr. Kiren Rijiju and Mr. Hansraj Gangaram Ahir, both of whom expressed ardent interest in radar speed signs and speed cameras to improve road safety awareness and enforcement.

Around 200 people including top government authorities from fields such as CRPF, Traffic Police, Defence, PSU’s , and many more visited the booth to understand and procure the latest Intelligent Traffic Management system.

Enthused by the response from the Indian market Mr. Louis Newman, the Logix ITS CEO, remarked that “with the advent of affordable sensors and broadband, growth of cloud and mobile apps, and innovation of vision analytics and autonomous vehicles, the world of road safety and parking technology is rapidly shifting and changing in India and worldwide. We are proud to be positioned as an integral part of that ecosystem.”

As an example of the way road safety is changing, Mr. Newman presented the BMW Development Group project. Logix ITS is working with BMW to develop technology that will enable each of their cars, and not just their drivers, to read variable speed signs.

The Expo was an encouraging experience for Logix ITS, as industry experts, private companies, and government officials expressed their interest in improving India’s roads. With Logix ITS solutions, accidents and reckless driving can be prevented while valuable data can be gathered to create safer roads for the future.



Logix ITS made its Indian debut at the Smart City Expo in Pragati Maidan, Delhi.

More than 120 people stopped by the Logix ITs booth to learn more about the ITS solutions the company offers for safer streets. Many private companies and government officials expressed interest in enhancing India’s road safety by using speed solutions to slow cars down. 

Traffic solutions offered by Logix ITS include speed radar signs which track vehicle speeds and display them in bright LED digits. The signs gather detailed data such as each vehicle speeds and days and times of the week. This data can be a valuable tool to prevent speeding and improve road safety.

Logix ITS plans to launch speed enforcement cameras in the coming year, which will help to visually track violators to enforce speed limits and prevent speeding.