Millions of people drive at high speeds each day, traveling towards their destinations on highways across the world. At over 100,000 kilometres, Indian highways are the second longest highway system in the world. Although comprising only 2% of the country’s roads, India’s highways carry 40% of the country’s traffic.

Without vulnerable users such as pedestrians, highways may seem like they pose less risk of injuries and fatalities. However, the high speeds of vehicles can cause catastrophic results when crashes occur. The NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau) documents steadily rising road fatalities on India’s highways from 2004 to 2008 with a staggering 30% increase in deaths over that period. Almost half of the country’s accidents happen on its highways.



Observing posted speed limits is crucial on highways, as higher speeds can make the difference between life and death. Furthermore, in work zones where construction personnel are working on road improvements, risk escalates. Drivers need to be aware when they’re approaching work zones so that they slow sufficiently and pass safely without endangering the lives of construction workers.


Installing driver feedback signs on highways to alert and slow drivers can save lives and ensure that India’s highways are a safe place to drive. Faster highways speeds alter driver visibility on highways, creating the need for larger signage. The Traffic Logix SafePace 700 is specifically designed for higher speed environments with its extra large 18” digits. Lit with bright LED bulbs and including custom messaging in response to driver behaviour, the SafePace 700 is a popular choice for highway settings.

Another option for highway settings is the cutting-edge SafePace 800 rotating variable messaging sign. The SafePace 800 offers unlimited possibilities and can be used as a radar sign, message board, or both. It can be displayed vertically or horizontally and can be customized to show any message you choose.

The SafePace 550 variable speed limit sign is designed just for situations like work zones where speed limits change each day. Programmable to change the speed limit based on the time of day or week, the SafePace 550 is a powerful tool to ensure that drivers are aware of new speed limits, and follow them.

SafePace 100

Compact ``Your Speed`` sign

SafePace 450

Lightweight Speed Display Sign

SafePace 550

Driver Feedback Sign

SafePace 600

Dynamic messaging radar sign

SafePace 800

Variable Messaging Sign