The Indian Armed Forces is the 3rd largest military force in the world with the largest volunteer army of any other country across the globe. With close to 1.5 million personnel, the Indian military is one to contend with. The primary mission of armed forces is to ensure the safety & security of Indian citizens. On army bases across the country, these personnel, trainees, and their families live and work each day. Local roads on these bases face the same challenges as many other roads in India. What can be done to prevent speeding and ensure safety on India’s military bases?



Military professionals are used to taking orders, and following through on them. Installing SafePace speed display signs can create powerful change for safer roads on India’s military bases. Simply alerting drivers to their speeds and reminding them to slow down has proven to be effective in changing driver behavior for the long term.

The SafePace 450 compact speed display is a popular option on military bases. With its portability and lightweight design, the sign doesn’t compromise on digit size or visibility. Boasting full size 15” digits and up to two weeks’ autonomous operation (with optional batteries), the SafePace 450 is highly visible, easy to install, and can be used at multiple locations.

SafePace 100

Compact ``Your Speed`` sign

SafePace 450

Lightweight Speed Display Sign

SafePace 475

Driver Feedback Sign

SafePace 600

Dynamic messaging radar sign