Cities around the world are faced with the challenge of creating neighborhood streets that can be shared safely by all- pedestrians, cyclists, playing children, joggers, and of course, drivers. Speeding may be an issue on many roadways, but nowhere is the risk higher than on local roads where a few miles too fast can mean the difference between life and death.

A study conducted on road safety in India found that there were 141,526 people killed and 477,731 injured on Indian roads in a one year span. However, the study indicated that these numbers are probably an understatement as oftentimes injuries go unreported. The actual number of injuries is estimated at an astounding 2-3 million per year. Furthermore, the number of fatalities on India’s roads follows a frightening trend with a steady increase of traffic related deaths over the past decade other than a slight drop in recent years.

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Vehicle speed has been directly linked to pedestrian injury, fatality, or survival. A pedestrian hit by a car travelling at 80 kmh (50 mph) has almost no chance of survival. If the vehicle was instead traveling at 48 kmh (30 mph), there is a 75% chance of survival. Slowing cars down is crucial to saving lives on India’s roads.
What can cities do to ensure that cars slow down? How can they prevent accidents, improve safety, and compel drivers pay attention to posted speed limits?


Traffic Logix offers a full range of radar speed signs designed to return safety to local roads. Also known as driver feedback signs, radar signs, or speed display signs, Traffic Logix SafePace signs use radar technology to assess driver speeds and display them in brightly lit digits, while reminding drivers of posted speed limits. They can capture data on speed violations and generate data analysis reports so that cities can make informed decisions to improve safety.
SafePace signs are:

  • Affordable
  • Effective
  • Highly Visible
  • Energy Efficient
  • Easy to Use

SafePace 100

Compact ``Your Speed`` sign

SafePace 400

Full size “Your Speed” sign

SafePace 450

Lightweight Speed Display Sign

SafePace 475

Driver Feedback Sign

SafePace 600

Dynamic messaging radar sign

SafePace 650

Compact Variable Message Sign

SafePace 700

Full Matrix Speed Display

SafePace 800

Rotating Trailer Mounted Speed Display Sign