The alarming number of fatalities and injuries on India’s roads in the past decade have been attributed both to the increase in the number of vehicles as well as the absence of coordinated road safety strategies to keep roads safe.

Both local and national governments in India have begun to recognize the importance of ending the epidemic of road deaths and creating safer roads across India. Many new programs, educational campaigns, and safety measures are underway to prevent traffic accidents and improve safety on the country’s roads. In both Jaipur and Chandigarh, Traffic Logix solutions are already being used to better enforce speed limits.

In addition to creating better road infrastructure and signage, heavy penalties are being imposed to those who do not follow speed limit and traffic rules.



Traffic Logix SafePace solutions serve the dual purpose of both reminding drivers not to speed as well as the option to penalize those who don’t observe speed laws, putting themselves and other road users at risk.

The SafePace driver feedback signs alert drivers to posted speed limits, remind them to slow down, and warn them when they continue to speed. In addition, the SafePace Enforcer Cam offers the ability to take real-time footage of speed violators and can even print violations on the spot.

The SafePace Cruiser LT speed trailers allow police departments to use each SafePace sign at multiple locations. The versatile speed trailers deploy in less than three minutes for simple, effective, portable speed control.

SafePace 400

Full size “Your Speed” sign

SafePace 450

Lightweight Speed Display Sign

SafePace 600

Dynamic messaging radar sign

SafePace 650

Compact Variable Message Sign

SafePace 800

Rotating Trailer Mounted Speed Display Sign