Keeping children safe is a priority for parents, schools, and governments around the world. In India, with millions of children traveling to school every day, keeping cars moving at a safe speed around schools is vital to their wellbeing.

Statistics on road safety in India show that around half of the deaths on the country’s roads are to vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists. That means that children riding their bikes or walking to school are at risk every day. What can be done to ensure that they can get to and from school safely each day?



On India’s busy roads, it can be difficult for drivers to know when they are approaching a school and need to exert caution to the sudden influx of children walking or riding by. Installing speed display signs to alert drivers before or as they approach school areas can help ensure that they slow down in time. With the option to change messaging based on time of day or week and to flash digits or strobe lights at speeding drivers, SafePace signs are well equipped to slow drivers down in and around schools.

SafePace 100

Compact ``Your Speed`` sign

SafePace 550

Variable Message Sign

SafePace 600

Dynamic messaging radar sign

SafePace 650

Compact Variable Message Sign