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Compact Variable Message Sign

The compact SafePace 650 variable message sign offers the flexibility of our full size customizable SafePace 600 and 700 signs in a compact, lightweight design. With static Your Speed text, the display matrix offer the flexibility to display driver speed, driver-responsive messaging, or graphics of your choice. With all the versatility, options, and visibility of a full size sign, the SafePace 650 is 30% smaller and weighs just under 11.3 kg. Choose the SafePace 650 speed display sign for a compact sign with full size impact.


• MUTCD approved 38 cm digits
• Lightweight, compact design
• Static Your Speed message
• Customizable messaging based on schedules or driving behavior
• Unlimited text and graphic display options
• Energy efficient power options
• Compact or full size sign face
• Choice of sign color

Compatible with:

• AC, battery or solar power
• Traffic data and reports
• Logix Cloud remote access
• Universal Mounting
• School zone beacons
• Portable trailer
• Moveable dolly
• Hitch unit



Digits38 cm(h) x 20 cm(w), 744 LEDs
Variable Message
Matrix mode
38 cm(h) x 52 cm”(w), 744 LEDs
TextFull size: Letters 15 cm(h) spell “YOUR SPEED” fixed message, 2 lines

Compact size: Letters 10 cm (h) spell “YOUR SPEED” fixed message, 1 line

Unit alone55 cm(h) x 66 cm(w) x 9 cm(d)
Unit with “YOUR SPEED” sign mountedFull size: 102 cm(h) x 76 cm(w) x 9 cm(d)

Compact size: 71 cm(h) x 71 cm(w) x 9 cm(d)

Electrical Specifications

AC power input100~240 V AC
DC power input12 V DC
Solar panel options50W


Digits744 Amber, 15°, 5 mm, luminous Intensity (5,000 – 12,000 mcd/LED)
Speed Violator Strobes52 White, 15°, 5 mm, luminous intensity (18,000 – 28,000 mcd/LED)
Optical Lenses796
Ambient light sensors2 sensors and automatic brightness control


Beacon System

Cruiser LT

Sign Dolly

Sign Hitch