SafePace Radar Speed Display Signs are intended to back vehicles off, to make avenues more secure for everybody. Speed signs have been turned out to be compelling, especially with today’s highly visual, frequently occupied drivers.

Also known as speed display signs, Driver Feedback Signs, and “your speed” signs, Radar Trailers work on the criticism circle hypothesis: when individuals are given data about their execution, they will in general notice and make strides.


2 Digit Radar Signs

3 Digit Radar Signs

Variable Messaging Signs


Radar Speed Display Signs have been appeared moderate drivers a normal of 10%, more often than not for a few miles not far off. With SafePace signs, you can change the manner in which that drivers drive on your roads. With natural highlights, for example, flashing digits and integrated strobe lights to caution speeders, simple to-program sign options, and built-in traffic data collection, SafePace signs are the solution you need for safer streets.

SafePace Radar Speed Display Signs have been introduced over the US, Canada, Central/South America, Mexico, and India. The signs utilize sunlight based, AC, or battery control. The intensely valued speed show signs are instinctively planned, consolidating components that mirror the worries of the present urban areas and the propensities for the present drivers.